I am an amateur photographer whose eyes keep leading her to things they’d like drawn,painted or  photographed and stored away permanently. Most of my pictures are from the southern hemisphere, and if you wanted to be more specific you could probably pinpoint most of these as being from either Australia,South Africa or Zimbabwe. The joy of visual recordings is that one never knows where,when or what one’s next image will be. Most of my best photographs (according to me!) are on eyereports.500px.com, with this blog being a repository of my more wishful artistic ramblings and experiments. Including my infrequent, bad poetry; apologies in advance to any reader who braves it!

Like any dutiful camera addict, I take photographs of my endless doodlings. This has the added advantage that,if my house should burn down tomorrow,I will still,in the far distant future,be able to bore my great grandchildren to tears by logging onto the interweb and subjecting them to endless hours of viewing my drawn and painted art.

Not that I have any prospects of having great grandchildren at this point in time!

All the images on this blog have been compressed;Please contact me for the high resolution versions.

If you would like to use any of these images for any purpose whatsoever please just email me or use the contact form below-I promise I don’t bite!

P.S. If you like my photographs please do go and take a look at those my friend Sam takes:

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