Birthday Calendar, free download

I always have issues remembering birthdays, so I created this calendar today. Its got no years to it, because, well, birth dates hardly change. Its in 12 pages of half A4 format, and can be bound either as a booklet or as a flip calendar. The link below is to the pdf version; the original file was created in Publisher 2010 and if you want to customise it drop me an email and I’ll send it to you. I’m going to use it for birthdays but essentially this could be used for any sort of regular reminder.

I printed and laminated mine and plan to stick it on the kitchen wall and scrawl dates onto it throughout the year: the aim is that by thsi time next year all the birthdays I need to remember will be on it, and I’ll never have to apologise, think up a poor excuse or do a 11th hour present run again!

Click here to download the Eyereports Birthday Calendar-pdf file



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