Rowshni by gomagoti
Rowshni, a photo by gomagoti on Flickr.

And you were back on the road

Through the worst of the Winter

Through the Valley of Lies

Passing through like an arrow

Oh, if your vision collapsed

And a storm from the river

Like a golden medalion

Clutching tight in your fingers

But on the slope of the edge

Will you recover your life

You could stand on the back of a shuddering beam

With a pistol firing shots into the air

You could run in the blood of the Sun’s hard rays

You could drive the mountains down into the bay

Or go back to the East where it’s all so civilized

Where I was born to the life.

-Shearwater, You as you were


6 thoughts on “Rowshni

    I like it. Thank you for whitening my teeth.
    I don’t understand this country bumpkin li-i-ngo. Ami ki chor ba gunda ba orukom kichu akta! Je amar akta guli koranor jinish ache? Golden medallion je ami dhorchi sheyta KI?

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