Day 8: Lake St Clair National Park

We got up bright, early and eager on day 8, the first of January of this new year. After a very late night, might I add. Anyways, we headed back through Hobart and began making our way west, through some of the pleasant farming districts. Our first stop was the Salmon Farm- its a great place, which is not something I ever thought I would say about a fish breeding station! Just look at their albino rainbow trout:

For $2 at the entry desk we were handed a huge bowl of fish pellets, which the trout leapt out of the water to catch as we sprinkled them across the pools. They also had salmon (obviously) and beautiful manicured garden full of exotic trees. My favourite was definitely the silver elm.A more lovely horticultural specimen I have not seen.Here’s a leaf (the whole tree was like this:)

After this pleasant stop staretd what I have termed the Hellish Highland drice. Tortuous, twisty, interminably lined with tall dark trees, there was nothing pleasant about it. We only reached lake St Clair around 3pm, and I must say that, though it was undoubtedly a beautiful spot, I was too exhausted from the concentrated driving to do much more than pitch tent, eat and sleep that night.

A cabin on Lake St Clair:





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