Last night I stepped into a hole

inside of my own head.

A cavernous depth, a lightless gaol

a boundless pit of dread.

Its gaping maw didn’t beckon or lure,

I happened across it by chance.

But once inside, absolutely sure

it lulled me to a trance.

Its shiny slick ebony walls

shine back black at me.

I stare straight up, make lonely calls,

wait for someone to see.

Sitting in this endless trough

I hold on tight to hope.

Maybe someone will care enough

to throw me down a rope.

-Sarah Ahmed


6 thoughts on “Hole

  1. Is anyone aware
    Does anyone know
    Did anyone notice
    Did you shout loud from the hole ?
    If you made your voices
    I am sure there will be someone
    Who will come near you
    Who will not just throw a rope
    But who will spend time
    In caring you with the warmth you deserve!

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