SAAF’s Silver Falcons

The Silver Falcons is the aerobatic display team of the South African Air Force.  The team flies the Pilatus PC-7 Mk II ‘Astra’ in a 5-ship formation aerobatic display. 

In most military aerobatic teams today, display flying and ground crew duties are coupled to a full-time posting in a dedicated squadron. The Silver Falcons, however, is a part-time team. Pilots and ground crew all perform display duties as an over-and-above task to their primary postings.

Based at Air Force Base Langebaanweg on the South African West Coast, the Silver Falcons are all full-time ab-initio flying instructors at the Central Flying School.

To date, 95 pilots have been selected to fly in 71 different teams for the Silver Falcons. Each pilot is assigned a unique, sequential number. Whenever one or more team members change, a new team number is also allocated.These images are of the 71st Silver Falcons team,which includes their first ever female pilot.

The members of the 71st Silver Falcons team are;Falcon 1 – Capt Roy Sproul (Leader)

Falcon 2 – Capt Heybrech van Niekerk (first female member)
Falcon 3 – Capt Buti Tsebe
Falcon 4 – Capt Gerhard Lourens
Falcon 5 – Maj Beau Skarda
Read more about them at their official website,

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