World Bum-Sniffing Championships

So,someone asked me yesterday why I just post pictures or poems.”Why blank pictures?” she said (as if a picture is ever blank!).”Why dont you ever write about your thoughts or feelings,like most every other blogger?”

Well,actually, I thought that was just what I was doing. I can’t help the fact that I have an entirely visual thought system. Tell me “the cat got her tongue” and my brain will immediately flash an image of Garfield with his furry orange forearm in a startled woman’s mouth. So when I post a picture, I am posting my thoughts in the only way congruent with the real me. Oh,I could faffle around and write this or that (as I sometimes do with the poetry) but when something really grabs my interest, all you are likely to see is a picture of it. Or of something related to it. Or of how it made me feel.

In summary,a picture!

Anyways,seeing as how this is supposed to be mostly nature photography on here and several groups will sorely castigate me if I don’t post an animal soon, I’ll move away from the planes and gigs of recent everyday life and back to such topics as the world bum-sniffing championships. Anyone want to join them?


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