In a sea of sand, I stand.

Talking to the wind, and baking in the sun.

My feet may be on fire but I’m too burnt to run.

Into a wafting breeze, I squeeze

out a protesting breath. I quiver, struggle, shake.

My lungs may scream for air but they didn’t want a ton.

Into the ether, I will eventually wither.

Will it grant me sweet relief, or will I beg for a reprieve?

My heart, my brain, they’d like to know what happens when I’m done.

-Sarah Ahmed

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11 thoughts on “Ablaze

  1. I enjoyed your poem and it goes beautifully with the picture. The line break after squeeze works so well, as do the breeze/squeeze, sand/stand rhymes – I like poems like this that contain their own little resonances.

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