The Imaginarium of Dr Ahmed

I’d like to write a poem

resplendent in such rhyme

that people throughout the universe

would read it for all time!

And think, “How did she do it?”

And, “Wow, she was so deep!”

“I bet it kept her up at night.

I bet she couldn’t sleep,

with so many ideas

magnificent and wild,

colliding in her cranium

this wonderland to build;

of romance and adventure,

of fantasy and fact.

You know, why don’t we film it?

Who shall we cast to act

the parts of the bold hero

and the quirky heroine?

The villain, magi, lucky farm lad,

simpleton and king?”

And then I get to thinking;

I bet that it would be

much better if I skipped the poem

and just made the movie!

-Sarah Ahmed


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