The Waterhole

The grass ripples.
It is noon.
The sun’s still higher than the moon.

The water hole is crisp and clear
Not one animal is near
But soon the water won’t be still
Cause those who can drink from it, will.

The wind parts the tall grass and
a warthog by the water stands
She bends down to drink and sip
from the water, her snout drips.

Just then, the grass parts like a book
The warthog turns to take a look
She jumps and runs quickly away
Lions are near the pool today!

Two brothers, one maned, one not
Have come to drink from this one spot
Their story I want to tell you…
But not right now, we’re almost through.
The lions are done, it’s time to go
Back to grasslands that seem to grow
The water then becomes quite still
Will they be back? You bet they will.



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