The special one.

At the end of a long day of driving around and around dust roads in the hot sun, we were lucky enough to be crossing a bridge when this lad walked past us. All the traffic ahead of us had decided to go home and we were doing the same when he appeared out of the long reeds on the side of the bridge.”Tiger!” shouted my other half,in complete excitement; then “Leopard!”. We switched off the ignition and rolled up the windows as he came closer. He seemed to study us for a while; “Are they harmful?No, I dont think so.Are they planning to move anytime soon?Doesn’t look like it”. We must have annoyed him,sitting in the middle of his bridge, because with a swish of his tail he reluctantly jumped into the grass on the other side,and promptly disappeared from site. We did do him one favour though-we didn’t tell anyone else at camp where he was!


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